Regulations of the Stationary Courses of the Krakow Sewing School “Sewing” organized by Pasmanteria Krakowska Sp.J. based in Krakow, 62 Wieniawskiego Street

  1. Courses take place cyclically, weekend, on request and special, for Courses are one-time or cyclically, on dates and times determined by the Krakow Sewing School (hereinafter referred to as the School), published on the website or
  2. Each Course takes place after the School confirms the participation of a minimum number of people, which is determined separately for each type. In the event of an insufficient number of people, the School reserves the right to cancel the Course or set a different date for the beginning of the classes or transfer the participant (hereinafter referred to as the Student), with his consent, to another group in which the minimum number of participants was gathered.
  3. The school provides all students with sewing machines, overlocks, embroidery machines, teaching materials, sewing materials, threads and other products that will be needed to conduct the classes.
  4. The Person (hereinafter referred to as the Teacher) belongs to qualified staff with appropriate education and will carry out the Course with due care and accuracy.
  5. Each class (course) begins with familiarizing students with the principles of occupational health and safety and the proper use of equipment available at the School
  6. All Students are required to comply with the principles of health and safety at work during the course.
  7. The condition for the Student’s participation in the Course is the acceptance by the Participant of the Regulations of the Krakow Sewing School “Sewing”, filling in the application questionnaire, consent to the processing of personal data and image, Covid questionnaire just before the start of the course and payment of the appropriate fee for the selected Course within the time limit set by the School , indicated in the information about the Course on the pages or 14 days before the start of the Course.
  8. The current price list for the courses is available on the website and
  9. In the School you can use your own sewing machines and other aids brought for the course at your own risk. Using your own machine and other materials will not affect the course price.
  10. Resignation from the course may be made by the Student only 10 days before the course starts in electronic form to the e-mail address of the Krakow Sewing School. In this case, the course fee will be refunded in the amount of 100% of the value of the payment made. If the Student resigns from the course after this date, the School will deduct the equivalent of 70% of the course value as the cost of the unused space. In exceptional cases, the School may withdraw from the above-mentioned fee.
  11. In random (documented) cases, the Student may do their homework on a different date during the next course that will be organized by the School. In such cases, the Tutor has to give their written consent and the Student will be informed about the exact date of the next course.
  1. In other cases, it is not possible to make up for the absence from classes, and the Client is not entitled to a refund of the fee paid, including the amount proportional to the time of absence, i.e. to the part of the course in which he was absent.
  2. At the end of each course, the School issues a certificate of completion to its Students in the form of a diploma.
  3. The Student may take with him after class anything that he produces in the course.
  4. Students are responsible for damages intentionally caused to the property of the Sewing School. Students are not allowed to take the studio’s equipment outside the building where the Course is conducted.
  5. The use of the laboratory (school) equipment, where the classes are held, may only take place as intended and under the supervision of the Teacher.
  6. Any damage to the studio’s (school’s) equipment and random events should be immediately reported to the teacher.
  1. In matters not regulated in the Regulations of full-time courses, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

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